A Tribute of Love

I love my ancestral roots and the fact that African blood flows through my veins, and the fact that I descended from Kings, Queens, Tribal Leaders, and African Families.

I love the inner strength and determination of my people, Harriet Tubman, Sojourner Truth, Fredrick Douglass, Marcus Garvey, and those who came before them.

I love the contributions and sacrifices of John Brown, William Floyd Garrison, Wiiliam Wilberforce and the Quakers.

I love the fact, that when I was very young, my mom informed me that her dad, my grand father, came to North America, from Africa when he was a boy; and my dad born in Kingston Jamaica , migrated to London under Churchill to work in North America.

I love the sense of heritage that was instilled in me, for no one can take it , from me.

I love being healthy, spiritually, and culturally driven.

I love the fact that I am capable of love even when I don’t feel loved!

I love life, my family, and the uplifting of Fallen Humanity.

I love the inner strength and commitment of parents who pass family values, spirituality, morals and grace to their children.

I love parents who raise their children the best they know how, for they had no foundation to build on!

I love the fact that generational curses can be broken. However, we must be willing to pick up the peaces, and build bridges of hope!

I love leaving a legacy of hope to our children, so they can pass down a sense of cultural identity, collective social and economic responsibility, and spiritual values, for generations to come.

I love the fact that every day we awake God gives us another chance, to make things right. For his grace and love is everlasting!

I love grandmothers, grandfathers, great grandmothers, great grandfathers who stand for righteousness. For they are the wells, from which wisdom flows!

I love the fire and courage of all activist, past and present, Professor Angela Davis, The Panthers, Tavis Smiley, Jeff Johnson, Bryonn Bain, Robert-S, and all the host of My Two Cents.

I love Minister Farrakhan and the discipline of the Nation. I love the boldness and fearlessness of Brother Malcolm , and the Spirituality and Humility of Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King.

I love and admirer the loyalty ,and commitment, of Sister Betty Shabazz and Sister Coretta Scott King.

I love the wit and tenacity of Reverend Jesse Jackson and the forwardness and insight of Reverend Al Sharpton . And all the Minister’s, who know their God given mission. For we rely on them to guide the flock home!

I love all my sisters and brothers in the struggle; For we have endured great pain, and still find reasons to rejoice, Hallelujah!

I love the creativity and the written and spoken words of Phillis Wheately, Maya Angelou, Toni Morrison, Alice Walker, Nikki Giovanni and Gwendolyn Brooks.

I love stories about The Harlem Renaissance, The poetry of and writings of Langston Hughes and James Baldwin.

I love the sultry sounds of Billy Holiday, Duke Ellington ,Billy Eckstein, Ella Fitzgerald, Nat King Cole, Nancy Wilson and Roberta Flack. And the Opera of Marian Anderson.

I love my sister’s and brother’s in the Arts, Sports, Entertainment, Gospel, and the spiritual sound of Mahalia Jackson, and those who came before and after, and even though I can’t name you all, I love you all!

I love Motown, songs by Smokey Robinson, Diana Ross and The Supremes, Chaka Khan, Gladys Knight, The Temptations, Marvin Gaye and Stevie Wonder.

I love “The Sounds of Philadelphia” Miss Patti Labelle, The O’jays, Curtis Mayfield, The Impressions, and Grover Washington!

I love Jazz, Dancing, Rhythm and Blues, Hip- Hop, and those who bring it!

I love nature, green grass, spring, autumn leaves, mountains, and winter snow!

I love long walks, and intimate rainy days.

I love fresh flowers, the laughter of children, and squirrels scattering.

I love sunsets, the dawn, rainbows, and birds that soar!

I love God, who gave us free will, so HE would know, whom HE could trust, to assist the poor, the vulnerable, and the oppressed.

I love "The Holy Spirit" that dwells within! and most of all, I love the fact that, "Yeah though I walk through the valley of the shadows of death, I will fear no evil, for one day, when my work is done, with God's blessings, I will be free to Journey Home!"

Peace, Yvette Harper-Bey

Tribute, copyright, 2007, all rights reserved.