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Do you want an African American Historical Museum in Grand Rapids, MI?
If you live in another city or state would you consider coming to Grand Rapids to tour the museum?
How knowledgable are you about African American History?
On a scale of 1-10 one being the lowest, ten the highest check how knowledgable you are?
Do you want a African American Curriculum taught in your childrens school? Elementry__Middle__Highschool__
What programs or events would you like to see implemented at the museum or cultural center?
Check programs or classes that you would want to attend.
African American History
American History
Ancient History
Museum and Art Gallery Tours
Art Classes for Children and Adult
Acting and Performing Arts, for Children and Adult ?
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Book Club ?
Literature, Poetry and Writing Classes ?
Would you like to volunteer at the museum?
What would you like to see take place at the museum?