Special Tributes

Floyd Mayweather Jr is pound for pound, the Worlds Greatest Boxer and a compassionate person, who shares his wealth with those who are less fortunate. Floyd’s generous spirit has led him to set up (The Floyd Mayweather Foundation) whose headquarters are in his hometown of Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Recently Floyd brought an abundance of stars to Grand Rapids, including Hip- Hop-Rapper & Actor 50 Cents ( Curtis Jackson III). Go Fifty !!! Also big shout-outs to all the celebrities who cared enough about Floyd and the community to come to Grand Rapids to entertain our youth and their families!

Lakisha Jones, American Idol finalist, has joined the cast of The Color Purple Broadway Musical, produced by Oprah Winfrey and Quincy Jones. Lakisha is from my hometown Flint, Michigan. Congratulations to Lakisha!

(WJNZ 1140 AM- R&B Radio Station) Featuring Robert S. Womack Talk Show Host, Program Manager, and DJ of The Pulse of the City. Robert S. is also a Community Activist, who brought to his hometown a unique experience of giving the community a voice of their own to collectively solve problems and support each other, when it comes to social issues in our community.

In addition, The Pulse of the City has the best R&B, Gospel & Soul music, you will ever experience; Also a Big shout-out to Mike St.Cyr owner of WJNZ, he is truly a community friend;

“Tom Joyner The Hardest Working Man in Radio” Also Ms. Shelia Love who brings nothing but the best of Old School Flavor, Go Shelia!

Carl Edward Smith The Basai Nation:Presenting the best of Jazz, and” rarely if ever heard historical information, about the accomplishments and struggles of Basai people in their perspective communties”.

Tyrone Bynum: WMFN-Radio talk show host 640 AM Smooth Sounds. For the Mature listening Audience: (Urban Radio Station).

Artist Paul Collins: is a renowned artist, and native of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Paul is known for his paintings of Native Americans; African Americans and famous people. Also The Underground Railroad, and everyday people and many socially conscious portraits.

Big Shout-Out to Barack Obama for running for President of The United States; And to his wife Michelle Obama for supporting and standing beside her husband. God Bless you both!

To Oprah Winfrey: for her endorsment of Barack Obama. Many Blessings to you!

To the Brothers and Sisters of the Nation of Islam study group, in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Students of The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. Special thanks to Brother Frank X and Brother Robert Muhammed for their leadership abilities and commitment.

To Al Green Soul Singer from Grand Rapids, Michigan; Most memorable song: Love and happiness.

Special Honors to Dr. Marvin Sapp; Grammy Nominated Gospel Star and Pastor of Light House Ministry. Thanks to you and Lady MaLinda for your back to school rally and other community involvement! One of my favorate songs by Marvin Sapp, is Never Would Have Made It; Because, I truly would not have made it” without God! God Bless You!

To the DeBarge Family of Grand Rapids, Michigan’s: Thanks for your find music & entertainment.

El Dabarge, Marty, Randy, Bunny, James, Thomas, Bobby, and Chico.

Grand Rapids own R&B-Pop Group.

Roosevelt and Tonya Tillman: Thanks for your kind charitable work and commitment to your community.

Tributes to Films of Historical Value

The Great Debaters: This film was produced by Oprah Winfrey’s Harpo Productions and based on an African American Historical Wiley College debate. The film was directed by: Denzel Washington.

Also starring in the film:

Denzel Washington
Forest Witaker
Kimberly Elise
Nate Parker
Gina Ravera
Jurnee Smollett

The Bible Experience:” is an historical and inspirational rendition of all 66 books of scripture and the oldest and most popular literature known to man. There are 368 characters portrayed by an outstanding cast of artist and personalities, from the field of film, television, music, and theatre”.

Amazing Grace: A movie about an abolitionist and anti slavery pioneer named William Wilberforce.

Jamie Foxx for playing Ray Charles: Much love to Jamie Foxx.

To all the children and families around the world, hang in there, a change is coming!