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Unity Prayer

Dear Father,

We humbly submit our will to you, as we walk together in Unity, and for the good of fallen humanity. For, we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but we fight against darkness, and the evil ones, who dwell in high places.

We come before you today father, to break the chains of oppression, poverty, physical, and mental, injustice.

We ask that the eyes of the un-conscious be opened, and the ears of those who do not hear our plea, become unplugged,

So they too may practice, justice, and goodwill, towards all men

Father as we go forward, to uplift fallen humanity, may your justice prevail. We also pray for our young people and old, who have not found their way, send them Father to the light, where there is promise and hope in you!

Father, you said, faith without works, is dead, so we stand in the gap, as we labor for justice and victory!

As we move forward, we honor our ancestors and leaders, who descended from prophets, kings, queens, warriors, educators, and ministers of truth,

Harriet, Sojourner, Fredrick, Marcus, Elijah, Martin and Malcolm,

There are so many Lord, that we cannot name them all.

As we move forward in (Unity) we also want to give thanks to those who helped us in our struggle, Black, White, Native American, Hispanic, and all nationalities, that stood, and stand for righteousness.

We pray also for our national and local ministers, leaders, and communities, so we will collectively rise up and build bridges to economic, spiritual, and community success!

Father, lead us, guide us, and unite us!

In the mighty name of Jesus, and all his prophets, we pray.