Literary Library

Suggested Readings for Adults, Young Adults and Children

The Books That are Listed can be Found in your Local Book Store or from a Website, just type in the Title of the Book and Authors Name in your google search.

1. In Motion: The African American Migration Experience.

Authors, Howard Dodson & Syviane A. Diouf

2. The Encyclopedia of African American Heritage: Susan Altman

3. Power Nomics: The National Plan to Empower African American’s. Claud Anderson, Ed. D.

4. The Mis- Education of the Negro: Carter G. Woodson

5. The Darkest Child: Delores Phillips

6. Alek: Alek and Stephen P. Williams: African Super Model from Sudan. After war hits she flees to Lodon, and is discovered, as a model. It changes her life, but she never forgets her journey.

7. Obama: From Promise to Power: David Mendell: The inner workings of Obama Campaign.

8. Sidney Poitier: Intimate memories of his life in poverty, racism he encountered, to his stardom.

9. Dr. Dre: Author: Ronin Ro: Rapper, Actor, Producer, Trials and Successes.

10. I got your back: Gerald and his dad, and their musical passion legacy.

11. Sole sisters: Deborah Mathis: celebrating life: books for single African American Women.

12. Jewels: Michael Cunningham; Connie Briscoe, Nikki Giovoni: A look at phenomenal women, through photo’s and profiles.

13. Campus CEO: Randal Pinkett: Building a business while still in school.

14. Nikki Giovonni: Acoltyes: Poetry inspired by passion and nol-stalgia.

2007- 2009 African American Scholarship Guide: For students and Parents: Dante Less: grants, from government, corporations, private sources. etc .

15. Shouting: Joyce Carol Thomas: Inspirational and Spiritual.

16. The History of Africa : Dr. Molefi Kete

17. Black Men Built The Capital : Jesse J. Holland

18. Egypt vs Greece and the American Academy

19. Black Studies : Dr. Maulana Karenga

Youth and Children Books

20. Savitri: A tale of Ancient India : by Aaron Shepard Author: Vera Rosenberry

21. Africa is not a Country :Margy Burns

22. African Beginnings : Lothrop, Lee & Shepard, James Haskins, Kathleen Benson

23. Mansa Musa : Khephra Burns

24. Bright Eyes Brown Skin : Cherl Willis Hudson and Bernette G. Ford

25. Color comes from God just like me: Carolyn A. Forch’e

26. Lets Count Baby : Cherl Willis Hudson

27. Pretty Brown Face Andrea and Brian Pinkney

28. Going Home Coming Home ,Ve Nha, Tham Q ue Huong by Truong Tran : Author Ann Plong

29. A Ride on Mother’s Back, A Day of Baby Carrying Around the World : Emery and Durga Bernhard.

30. Grandpa, Is everything Black Bad? By Lynne Holman

31. Jewels : by Belinda Rochelle about Jewels ancestors

32. When Joe Louis Won the Title : by Belinda Rochelle

33. Just Right Stew : by Karen English

34. Kevins Dad : by Irene Small, Michael Hays

35. Little Cliff and the Porch : Cliford L. Taulbert, E.B. Lewis

36. Miss Viola and Uncle Ed. Lee: by Alice Fay Duncan.

37. Something Beautiful : Sharon Dennis Wyeth

38. Famous African American Women : Cal Massey

39. Sienna’s Scrapbook : Our African American Heritage Trip : Author Toni Trent Parker

40. Being Me : A Keepsake Scrapbook for African American Girls : Toni Trent Parker , Illustrations by Merl Treatner.

41. In my Moma’s Kitchen: by Jerdine Nolen : Author Colin Bootman.

42. Haircuts at Sleepy Sam’s by Michael R. Stricland

43. Jamaica and the Substitute Teacher : Ann Sibley O. Brien