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The Frederick Douglass Papers at the Library of Congress

1. The Nile Valley Civilization and the spread of African Culture Yosef A. A. Ben- Jochannan. 2. Why African History: Dr. John Henrik Clarke 3. African Contribution to Technology and Science Yosef A. A. Ben-Jochannan. 4. Africa: Birthplace of Humanity, African Origins of Early Humanity by Dr, Leonard Jeffries.
5. Was Jesus a Negro: by John G. Jackson. 6. In Seach of Idenity by John Henrik Clarke 7. The Global African Presence. Runoko Rashidi. 8. Virtual Museum of the Masters
9. National Black United Front   W.E.B. DuBois 10. Great Pyramid of Giza 11. Ancient Egypt 12. History of Ancient Egypt
13. Ramesses II Wikipedia 14. Nefertari Wikipedia 15. Phoenician Wikipedia 16. Ethiopia Wikipedia
17. Caucasus Mountain Wikipedia 18. Queen of Sheba Wikipedia 19. Oba of Benin Wikipedia 20. North Africa Wikipedia
21. South Africa Wikipedia 22. Roman Empire Wikipedia 23. Portugal Wikipedia 24. List of known slaves
25. Black Jews in Benin Wikipedia 26. West Africa Wikipedia 27. Afro Latin Wikipedia 28. Spainish Morocco Wikipedia
29. Black British Wikipedia 30. Sierra Leone Creole People Wikipedia 31. South Africa Wikipedia 32. Sobekneferu Egyptian Female Pharaoh Wikipedia
33. British African- Caribbean Community People Wikipedia 34. Canaan- Hebrew- the Brook of Egypt Wikipedia 35. Hebrew Language Wikipedia 36. Semitic Language Wikipedia
37. Phoenician Aphabet Wikipedia 38. Greek Alphabet Wikipedia 39. Asia Wikipedia 40. Cape Coloured Wikipedia
41. American and British English differences 42. Afro-Eurasia 43. Ancient Libya 44. Ancient Greece
45. Afrikaner 46. Tiye 47. Byzantine Empire 48. Beta Israel
49. Atlantic slave trade 50. Middle Passage 51. Abolitionism 52. Frederick Douglass
53. John Brown (Abolitionist) Wikipedia 54. Marcus Garvey Wikipedia 55. Harriet Tubman Wikipedia 56. William Wilberforce Wikipedia
57. William Lloyd Garrison Wikipedia 58. Sojourna Truth Wikipedia 59. African American Civil Rights Movement Wikipedia 60. W.E.B. DuBois Wikipedia
61. Nelson Mandela Wikipedia 62. Harlem Renaissance Wikipedia 63. Movie Films in Harlem Wikipedia 64. Hip Hop Music Wikipedia
65. African American Inventors and Scientist Wikipedia 66. African American Literature Wikipedia 67. African American art 68. African American Actors Wikipedia
69. Afro-Mexican Wikipedia 70. Free African Americans Wikipedia 71. The Willie Lynch Letter