As the sun rises in the East, I stand at the shores of the Mississippi River reminiscing about my people. Though separated by the river Nile, rising waters, subtle winds, and blowing sands; "I still hear the drum beat of my ancestors, and the cries , from a forgotten past." In the distance, I can see the wings of a dove and the mighty clouds of joy, carrying them home!

Although centuries have passed, their visions and dreams catch fire, and I will carry the torch to ignite their smallest and largest desires; I am heir to their throne. Though gone from this plain, they live in my soul forever.

As I reflect back, I visualize my tribal -roots , and my native land. I remember the Prophets, the Kings ,the Queen , the freedom, the Pyramids, the Sphinx , Moses & Jesus.

Come with us as we learn and grow together. There are many mountains to climb, and stories yet to be told!





The Road To Prosperity Must Include African Americans Too !

As African Americans, we must return to our Heritage and seek Collective Enterprise in order to be Prosperous.

The greatest journey in this life is to follow the path of prosperity, but we cannot travel that road, while turning a blind eye, to our collective needs. The road to prosperity must include all nationalities. There is no one group, more deserving than the other. However, due to the forced migration of African's ( brother's and sister's of the Diaspora) and the fact that we had to build the road's that others traveled; we have a disadvantage when it comes to choosing the vehicles , that will get us to our destinations!

Therefore, some of us stand stagnated on the road waiting for someone to give us a map and point us in the direction that we should go! That is why we must return to our heritage, and resurrect the knowledge of self- determination, in order to be prosperous, in our communities and personal lives. Other nationalities adhere to these principles, so can we!

I also believe that the degrading circumstances of slavery, has played a significant role, in our being divided. This is called (The Willie Lynch Syndrome). That is why we do not possess the mindset of collective enterprise, yet. How could we? It is not our fault, that we lack these skills. Oppression, disenfranchisement, control, envy, and jealousy, explain some of the reasons why we do not continuously support each other.

We defiantly can see it in our spending practice; we spend billions of dollars each year, but not with each other. We know it is our prerogative to spend with whom and what ever we choose, but is it economically sound, when our people and the poor in general, are suffering?African American's in particular, need to create an infrastructure, to improve the conditions of our people. That is why we are asking the community to join us in our efforts to come together and change the conditions, we now face.